Randy Brenner Memorial Consumer Health Award 

The Liberty Chapter gives the Randy Brenner Memorial Consumer Health Award to an individual (or group of individuals) in recognition of outstanding contribution to consumer health information services and patient education. The candidate or candidates must demonstrate efforts in one or more of the following areas:

  • Collection Management: Building an authoritative collection of consumer health information (CHI)/patient education materials that meet the needs of the institution or community being served.
  • Knowledge and Resource Sharing: Networking with other individuals, organizations and agencies to facilitate resource sharing of CHI/patient education materials; working with the institution and the community to encourage and support the development of CHI/patient education resources and to develop informational and educational programs related to health issues.
  • Advocacy: Acting as advocates on the local, national and international levels to promote open access for the public to health information; encouraging the gathering of information on all sides of a question and on various types of procedures, both medical and non-medical, as a means of contributing to informed choice in health care decision-making.
  • Access and Dissemination of Information: Creating and compiling CHI and patient health information resources and/or pathways that are accessible via the Internet and other national information networks; providing information to hospitalized patients or community members; providing a current awareness service for health professionals about new CHI and patient education materials; creating consumer health information centers which provide CHI and patient information resources, reference, and referral; serving as a quality filter for consumers of CHI and patient education information.
  • Education: Creating awareness for health professionals regarding the health information needs of consumers; presenting education programs for public and other librarians on the effective provision of CHI; providing educational programs for the general public on locating and evaluating health information.

The recipient receives a certificate at the chapter’s Annual Meeting, which is normally held every fall, plus complimentary registration for the meeting.


  1. The award is presented annually if a qualified candidate or group exists.

  2. Nominations must be submitted via an application form.

  3. Nominees (or at least one nominee) must be current members of the Liberty Chapter.

  4. Nominations are reviewed by the Professional Recognition Committee and the recipient is notified prior to the Chapter’s annual meeting.

  5. The award is announced to the membership at the Liberty Chapter’s annual meeting.

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